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The kitchen in a home is most busy place with respect to all departments…Isn’t it? Just think for a while and you found the above statement is true. From a pinch of salt to cooked food, every time we need to rush to our kitchen. And in the same the way due to excess in use some appliances or tools may suffer hiccups and force you to go to the mechanic.

Let’s discuss the cases when you need kitchen Mechanic

Cases When you need a kitchen Doctor?

  • You are going to cook omelette for vacant tummy. When you hold the pan for heating oil it fell down by leaving its handle in your hand. Creep!
  • You need to cook breakfast urgently for your kids but your stove is denying your request to burn properly.
  • You notice some black film on your cooker or bowl while cooking something spicy.
  • Burner shows improper flame irrespective of Nob position.
  • Loose Nob of stove or LPG/PNG regulator gives you unusual headache.
  • Disordered bottom of frying fan gives you bad taste in your recipe.
  • Oven door not working properly may force you to hire a mechanic.
  • LPG kit fitting may necessary when you choose modular kitchen settings.
  • Loose screw of cooker or pan can loose your mind screw.
  • While entering in kitchen you found a leakage in gas pipe line.
  • Pressure cooker not working properly.
  • Dishwasher is washing only its stand along with your mind. Headache!

And so many faults in your kitchen tools may force you to need a kitchen doctor. But the problem is where to go and found your kitchen doctor to assist you immediately.
Problem-problem-problem!! Don’t let the problems to cover you properly. Just book your home services online at We assist you at your door within time at affordable prices.
We are easy to hire, expert in service and trustworthy.

Services in Kitchen Doctor

We have huge list of prescription for your gadgets illness. Some are following,

  • LPG gas kit repairing
  • PNG gas kit repairing
  • Pan and cooker leakage repairing
  • Screwing the loose fittings of utensils
  • Dishwasher repairing
  • Handle and holder repairing
  • Steam vent replacement
  • Subsidiary handle adjustment
  • Utensils Polishing
  • Scrubbing
  • Base repairing
  • others


put the Nob in off mode, open the windows and release its pressure by removing steam vent. And hire a mechanic ASAP.

Price of services is listed already in portal and will be charge individually.

in case of urgency, you can ping us on Whatsapp or ring us on our toll free number. For more query you may catch us on or toll free number.

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